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 50% increase in blood flow  +  IMPROVED HEALTH  + I NCREASED ENERGY


OXYSPARK Testimonials (cont.)

OxySpark's stem cells extracted from the skins of a unique variety of grapes and apples grown only in Southern France are rich in medicinal compounds called acute, or highly concentrated, polyphenols. Polyphenols provide the following health benefits as evidenced by OxySpark customers below.


  1. They are vasodilators. Through the production of nitric oxide, polyphenols relax and widen the circulatory system so blood rich in oxygen and nutrients can nourish and revitalize your body's cells, tissues and organs. In the case of OxySpark, the acute polyphenols stimulate up to a 50% increase in vasodilation compared to only an approximate 5% of arginine and 10% of beet root-based nitric oxide boosters.
  2. They are anti-inflammatories. The acute polyphenols scavenger inflammatory proteins that cause pain, dementia, hardening of the arteries and the build-up of plaque in th arteries.
  3. They are anti-oxidants/free-radical scavengers. Free radicals can cause damage to parts of cells such as proteins, DNA, and cell membranes by stealing their electrons through a process called oxidation. Free radical damage is associated with cancer and many diseases. Polyphenols scavenger free radicals
  4. They help stabilize blood sugar levels in diabetics, fight insulin resistance, and effect the brain's appetite regulator (hypothalamus) to regulate and reduce cravings for refined carbohydrates (sugars, flours, etc. This results in the loss of excess body fat as the body begins to burn fat for energy (ketones) instead of sugar (glucose).


The by-product of all of the above is renewed health and new found energy.


The testimonials below reflect the myriad of benefits listed above and are derived from OxySpark's acute polyphenols and unique to each of the below individual's health circumstances.

“I Feel Better Immediately After Taking My Morning Dose“ "I purchased OxySpark to lower my high blood pressure and for improved energy. I do contracting work, so I need that energy every day to keep up with younger people. I’ve been using OxySpark for some time now and it has lowered my blood pressure and given me much more energy without feeling jittery. It’s easy to use and I feel better immediately after taking my morning OxySpark dose. I recommend OxySpark to my family and friends." David Moreno, 62, Williamstown, NJ “If You’re Looking at Improving Your Overall Health, You Should Give OxySpark a Try” "OxySpark was recommended to me by my father who is getting amazing results. I ordered OxySpark to lower my cholesterol, reduce fatigue and increase energy, OxySpark works for me. Also, I was surprised with how good it tastes. If you’re looking at improving your overall health, you should give OxySpark a try. You won’t be disappointed!" Jordan Swanson, 41, Attleboro, MA “OxySpark is Highly Effective! . . . I’ve Been Able to Dramatically Reduce My Blood Pressure Without Damaging Meds.” "I'm 72 years old and in excellent health. Yet, I was seeing my blood pressure move upwards over the last few years. I’m very much against blood pressure meds and by using OxySpark I’ve been able to dramatically reduce my blood pressure without the damaging meds. OxySpark is highly effective, It’s easy to mix, digest, and has a great flavor. Plus, I get mental comfort in knowing it truly works." Jerry Newman, 72, Palm Desert, CA “Chronic Shortness of Breath . . . OxySpark Really Works!” “I’ve suffered from chronic shortness of breath. I bought OxySpark with the hope that it would help. Slowly over a six-month period my breathing has improved. Try OxySpark, it really works!.” David Luman, 79, Beaverton, OR “OxySpark Has Really Helped My Neuropathy Pain” “I have peripheral neuropathy. OxySpark has really helped my neuropathy pain as well as other leg and body pain. Plus, it tastes very good! OxySpark works as promised.” Dianne Blackett, 75, Providence, UT Reduced Blood Pressure, Reduced A1C Levels and Increased Energy "I’ve been diagnosed with elevated blood pressure and pre-diabetes. OxySpark has improved my blood pressure and my A1C has gone down from 6.5 to 6.1. Additionally, my energy levels have been greatly improved. Give OxySpark a try to see if it works for you as it has worked for me.” Daniel Deutch, Duluth, MN “OxySpark Does What It Says it Does and It Tastes Great!” “OxySpark has improved my blood flow which is evident when I exercise. My blood pressure has been lowered 10 to 15 points. My energy has increased as well as my overall sense of well-being. OxySpark does what it says it does and it tastes great!” Greg Ramola, 49, Orlando, FL “A Soft, Smooth Energy That Lasts for Hours” “OxySpark literally gives me an energy spark for most of the day without being hyper—a soft smooth, energy that lasts hours. I like the taste of OxySpark — fruity and pleasant, not boring at all! OxySpark is a nice healthy alternative drink to keep you going throughout the day of intense activities, gym exercises, gardening or taking care of your loved ones with the sensation of staying calm, collected and focused! Very good product!” Julia Conlan, 57, Asheville, NC “I Now Have the Blood Pressure of a 21-Year-Old” “At first, I was skeptical when I read about OxySpark. To my amazement, when I take OxySpark I can actually feel a difference in energy and mental health. Not only did it increase my energy, but more important I now have the blood pressure of a 21 year-old. I now sleep better at night and don’t get up as much in the middle of the night. I now recommend OxySpark to all of my friends." Joseph Koller, 73, Myrtle Beach, SC OxySpark Increases Circulation & Reduces Numbness “I have poor circulation resulting in tingling and numbness in my extremities. When I first heard about OxySpark, I was apprehensive as to whether I would be able to tell any difference in how I felt. Since taking it, I have experienced a considerable improvement in my circulation resulting in much better feeling in my feet and hands. And, surprisingly, OxySpark tastes good. I attest to the fact that OxySpark has improved my circulation and energy level.” Steve Fletcher, 63, Chapel Hill, TN Increased Energy & Mental Clarity. “Try OxySpark and You Too Will Believe In It.” “An increase in energy and mental clarity became evident and recognizable taking OxySpark only after a few days. I have enjoyed improvements in all aspects of my body and mind (memory, clear thinking) and now I’m motivated to move and exercise. Try OxySpark and you too will believe in it.” Barry Estey, 67, Auburn, CA Circulation. Energy. Weight Loss. Improved Insulin Resistance. “OxySpark Did All of This For Me.” “Beside helping with my circulation and energy, OxySpark helps with my obesity and insulin resistance. For some reason it has helped me lose weight by curbing my desire for sugar and too much starch, carbs and more protein. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want more energy and better circulation which will help with your blood pressure and overall health? OxySpark did all of this for me.” John Kelley, 62, Burlington, TX Sustained, Increased Energy “Before OxySpark, I had a lack of energy. I now notice more energy on a regular basis, and it has continued now for 4 months. I’m impressed by the results I’ve experienced. I've recommended OxySpark to several friends and some of them have started using it. I simply shared with them my positive experience." Sharlee Doxey, 74, Cedar Hills, UT “At 82 . . . I Needed a Boost and Got it From OxySpark” “I’m 82 years-old and have always been active but I was definitely slowing down. I needed a boost and got it from OxySpark. It was simple to make OxySpark a part of my morning routine. It tastes great and gives me the needed boost to get through the day and helps me sleep through the night. Try OxySpark. You’ll like the results.” David Fossum, 82, Lonsdale, MN Neuropathy. “I Have Less Pain and Better Circulation” “I have neuropathy. Now, with OxySpark I have less pain and better circulation. I’m delighted with OxySpark and recommend OxySpark to my friends. I tell them it really works and tastes great.” Dea Henson, Garland, TX Increased Energy, Lower Blood Pressure, Improved Diabetes and Improved Eyesight “I have overall fatigue, high blood pressure and diabetes. Now, with OxySpark, I have more energy, my blood pressure is at a good level as well as my diabetes. But, the big surprise is the improvement in my eyesight. For years, my eyesight had deteriorated. After 4 months on OxySpark, my eyesight began to improve, which was a surprise to my eye doctor as well as me! My doctor thinks my improvement is due to increased blood flow to my eyes. OxySpark has been beneficial to me. Maybe it will help you too.” Diana Thimmes, Providence, UT Poor Blood Flow Due to Pulmonary Artery Disease: “Drink OxySpark: It’s the Fountain of Youth!” “When I first heard about OxySpark, I was afraid it wouldn’t work and would taste lousy. Neither came true. It’s done wonders for me, and it’s delicious. I ordered because I have poor blood flow due to Pulmonary Artery Disease (PAD). My doctors are now impressed with my blood flow and the stress tests on my heart has had excellent results. In addition, OxySpark gives me more energy for exercise. I love OxySpark. It puts steam in my strides. Drink OxySpark: it’s the fountain of youth!” Frank Harringtom, Philadephia, PA

60-Day, 3 Canister Risk-Free Trial


60-Day, 3 Canister Risk-Free Trial


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